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Preparing your stay


You and your practitioner have just scheduled your outpatient hospitalisation. Your practitioner will refer you to an anaesthetist for a consultation prior to your stay. This consultation is compulsory and must take place no later than 48 hours before your operation.


To facilitate the administrative procedures on the day of your visit for the operation / examination,
it is compulsory to compile your pre-admission file, which will be given to you on the day of your
anaesthetic consultation. The pre-admissions office is located on the anaesthesia consultation level
(13, rue de Turin).
Please remember to bring the following documents with you, as this will speed up the processing of your application

  • Identity document (National Identity Card or Passport or Residence Permit)
  • Social security card
  • Health insurance card or CMU certificate

The pre-admission file contains information on anaesthesia instructions and administrative data, the collection of authorisations (authorisation to operate for a minor or a protected adult, informed consent), the form for appointing a trustworthy person, etc.

To make things easier for you, you can download the passport pre-admission file here.

For patients who are minors, please go to the pre-admissions office and bring :

  • The identity document(s) of the person(s) with parental authority
  • The child's national identity card
  • Family record book
  • Proof of parental authority or court order, if applicable.

To optimise your comfort, you will be able to make your choice of hotel accommodation. Consultour offer now for endoscopy stays or any other outpatient stay.


This consultation is compulsory and must take place no later than 48 hours before your operation (excluding unscheduled admissions). Depending on your age and medical history, the anaesthetist may prescribe additional tests (blood tests, cardiology consultation, etc.).

You will be asked to provide the results of these tests in order to compile your medical file. To dispel any concerns or doubts you may have, don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

Don't forget to bring your prescription(s) for current treatment and your health record for minors.

At the end of your anaesthetic consultation, the secretary will give you a welcome booklet, which you can consult here.


By following these rules, you will be in the best possible conditions to ensure your safety, protect yourself from infection and play a direct part in your care.

Think about...

  • Leave your dentures, hearing aids and contact lenses behind. These accessories are not allowed in the operating theatre. Please inform the nursing staff when you arrive if you are wearing them and arrange for them to be put away as usual. -
  • Remove your jewellery (including wedding rings, piercings, etc.); they are not permitted in the operating theatre. -
  • Remove your nail varnish or false nails (hands and feet forbidden).
  • Follow the instructions given to you by your anaesthetist (period of bed rest, pre-operative shower the day before and the morning of the operation, etc.). -
  • For patients who are going to have a colonoscopy, you can visit the website to help you prepare for the examination.


On the day of your admission to the clinic, please bring your complete file, including the following documents:

  • Identification (National Identity Card or Passport or Residence Permit, family record book for minors)
  • Your "carte vitale" or up-to-date certificate of entitlement
  • Your mutual insurance or supplementary insurance card
  • Your results of biological and radiological tests, etc.
  • Your current prescriptions
  • Your health record (for minors)


Organise your transport home now.

  • You must not drive a vehicle
  • You must be accompanied when you are discharged. This person (of age, able-bodied and responsible) will collect you from the clinic.
  • If necessary, you must have a prescription with painkillers and a discharge note with the numbers to contact in the event of a problem.
  • If you are a minor, you must be accompanied home by a parent or guardian (or by 2 people if the child is under 10: one will drive the car and the other will look after the child during the journey).

If you are unable to follow these instructions, it is essential to inform the surgeon and/or anaesthetist, as this may be a contraindication to outpatient treatment.

As a reminder, the ambulance, VSL or contracted taxi transport voucher is a medical prescription. Remember to ask your practitioner for it.



  • HOTEL CHOICES Two hotel services are offered to you when you are pre-admitted. -
  • A compulsorycontribution , linked to your hospitalisation, will be requested.


You will be required to pay the full cost of outpatient hospitalisation on the basis of an estimate drawn up in advance by the Clinic and accepted by you.


Cheque, bank card or cash.


You will pay any excess fees to the practitioner via the admissions department. Fees paid to practitioners are not included in the Clinic's income. Credit cards are not accepted by all practitioners.

Compulsory contributions linked to your stay

In accordance with current regulations, you will be asked to pay certain fees. These are not reimbursed by the Assurance Maladie, but may be covered by your mutual insurance company or supplementary health insurance. Ask your health insurance company for details. There are exemptions, particularly for people receiving complementary health insurance or state medical aid. You can find the full list of exemptions on the website.

Fixed hospital charge: €20 per day (including the day of discharge)

The fixed hospital charge represents your financial contribution to the accommodation and maintenance costs incurred by your hospitalisation. It is payable for each day of hospitalisation, including the day of discharge. It does not apply to outpatient stays. The amount of the fixed hospital charge is set by ministerial decree.

Fixed contribution: €24 per stay

Preserving the social security system is everyone's business and, in principle, you contribute to it for each of your healthcare expenses. The part of the cost that remains payable by you is known as the "fixed contribution" or "co-payment".

The fixed contribution of €24 applies to procedures costing €120 or more. You may be asked to pay a co-payment for any procedure under €120.

You may not be billed for any costs other than those corresponding to the care provided or, where applicable, to any special requirements you may have requested. The amount of these special requirements, the list of which is strictly defined by the regulations and includes in particular access to a private room, must be communicated to you before the treatment is carried out.


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